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Another Hospital with problems

After the fungus fiasco in Sultan Ismail Hospital, one would have thought the authorities would be more careful. Despite reassurances from the Works Minister and Health Minister, problems are cropping up in the new Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sungai Petani.

Overflowing human faeces from a toilet has forced the temporary closure of the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at the state-of-the-art RM450mil Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Bandar Amanjaya here since Monday.
The unit has been relocated to the paediatric ward on the sixth floor of the hospital, which opened its doors on Jan 5.
Hospital director Dr Harif Fadzillah Che Hashim confirmed the closure.
He said the overflow was caused by a blockage in a toilet at the unit.
He added that maintenance and fumigation works would be completed by next week.
“As the toilet was overflowing, we feared contamination as staff stepped on the toilet floor and walked in and out of the unit in their slippers.
“We have commissioned the repair works and hope to reopen the unit by next week,” he added.
The situation caused a furore among some parents who were worried about the effect on their newborn babies.
It is learnt that a similar leakage had also occurred at the hospital’s cafeteria due to a defective sewerage pipe.

Looks like it is not just a toilet blockage but a more widespread problem! We already had inklings of possible problems when they first moved into the hospital.

Technology-wise, still sucks big time. All the HOs’ access card are still not working well. Some important places are still not accesible to us such as the Major OT. Silently, I think Sopian, today’s on call for gynae/OT going to have a tough time begging around, to get into and out of OT.
They had all the bombastix facilities but not all seems to be working. Even the phone and operator system are so dysfunctional and pathetic. Even the air-conditioner in the HO on call room is not working, luckily i will be on leave for the next two day, and not be on-call so soon.

At that time, we put it down to opening hiccups, but it seems as if there might be more serious structural flaws in the hospital. Hope it gets sorted out and it will not end up having to be shut down for repairs!

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4 Responses to “Another Hospital with problems”

  • spinosum says:

    The sewage pipe in my hospital satellite pharmacy store leaked yesterday, causing a massive “dumping” of medications, in fear of fecal contamination! What a huge loss, and shame to the support&service team in my hospital!

  • raven1958 says:

    Both JKR and the MOH have virtually ripped off medical services to this country. No engineer/architect ever designs or builds a government hospital without proper specs from the MOH. Apart from politicians who generally are the largest of “buayas”; they cannot possibly have succeeded without help from the contractors and MOH officials. TV3 is indeed doing a good job and must keep the pressure on so that funds meant for this country’s sick actually reaches them.

  • huajern says:

    This sewerage problem seems a perennial problem with the ‘new’ hospitals. The previous hospital I worked in had no toilet problems in the old blocks, circa 1960-1980. Curiously, the new block constructed from late 90s onwards had recurrently blocked toilets and leaking aircon systems. It was so bad till the maintenance guys gave up and told us not to use the new toilets for any ‘big’ business nor toilet paper. Malaysia Boleh!

  • Palmdoc says:

    When I was working in Kedah, the MS told us of problems he had with toilet maintenance – once a member of the public tried to flush a sarong and caused the blockage!

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