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Housemanship is good training

A letter to the Star which is a timely reminder for Housemen I AM amused by all the fuss about housemen (HO). I have served enough years in a government hospital to have seen “enough”. Remembering my time as a houseman, I have to say it was a very crucial learning phase in my career. […]

Feedback: Housemanship in Malaysia vs Australia

YY wrote in: I am a final year medical student about to graduate in Dec from Monash Australia. I am also a JPA sponsored student. It seems like we all have to come back and complete our housemanship in Malaysia or we have to rack up a debt of RM800-900,000. Do you know what actually […]

Housemanship in Malaysia – problems with the glut (II)

A couple of interesting blogposts which give a perspective on what is happening “on the ground”. Firstly there’s Malaysia: Too many doctors, too few hospitals by a medical student in Indonesia, and then there’s Disowned which gives a physician’s view point. Jimbo sums it up succinctly: And then last week, the department started the shift […]

Housemanship in Malaysia – problems with the glut

The shortage of doctors in Malaysia was a problem of the past, unfortunately addressed not by stemming resignations but by instead churning out medical graduates from the over 20 medical schools in this relatively small country, not counting those returning from overseas medical schools. It’s now a case of A doctor Too Many as many […]

Feedback: Housemanship

Preveena writes in: hi, I’m currently a medical student pursuing my 6th year in Indonesia. i would to know reg the the list of malaysian houseman competence. as i would like to brush up my skills and knowledge for further starting my training. is there any websites which i could read. thank you. Hi Preveena. […]

Video: Housemanship in Malaysia

Spotted this Youtube video of interviews with Malaysian housemen

Feedback: pre-U science grades, housemanship

Here are some queries we recently received. Alvin wrote: For your information, I am currently a student pursuing my Pre-U studies in Taylor’s University College’s South Australian Matriculation program. Therefore, I need some clarifications regarding the requirements in qualifying as a medical practitioner (physician/doctor) in Malaysia as I’m vying to apply to International Medical University […]

Feedback : incomplete housemanship

meyli wrote (as a comment but really this should be posted as feedback) hi im meyli a malaysia doctor completed 1 year of housemanship here and currently 6 months away to complete my compulsory service , my husband is overseas and i am planning to resign the job here and come and join back later […]

Feedback: Best place to do housemanship

SE wrote in the shoutbox: To dear doctors and housemen, i would like to know which hospitals are good for housemanship, in term of teaching and exposure? What are the benefits of doing housemanship and working in UH? I heard the doctors can get into postgraduate programme easier, is that true? Thx SE, there are […]

Internship in Australia (II) – JPA scholars asking for the moon?

There is an ongoing thread in Dobbs, the Malaysian doctors forum Australian-trained doctors ’may be forced overseas’ and basically, Internship (Housemanship) jobs in Australia are relatively scarce compared to the number of medical students being produced. Now JPA scholars studying medicine in Australia are making a plea for “guaranteed Internship jobs” in Australia PETALING JAYA […]

Medicine not for the faint hearted

In response to Another houseman “stressed from working long hours”, “Salvatore” wrote to the Star: THE first question you should ask yourself before stepping into the medical world: Why do I choose medicine? Love? Fame? Money? If you choose the latter two, you are absolutely not on the right track, and you might consider changing […]

Another houseman “stressed from working long hours”

He/She wrote to the Star IT has been almost a year since the sad passing of Dr Danny Lee. And from that incident until now, promises were made to ensure the well-being of houseman. I refer to the report “Housemen still being overworked and bullied, sending some into depression” (The Star, April 14, 2012). The […]

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